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September 7th 2016

Visit by the Governor María Eugenia Vidal and the provincial cabinet.

Visita Vidal

The Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal, visited the plant accompanied by Eduardo Eurnekian, owner of Corporación América and Guillermo Nielsen, President of Unitec Blue.

Yesterday, Eduardo Eurnekian received the Governor María Eugenia Vidal and officers of the provincial cabinet at the industrial plant in the city of Chascomús.

Said institutional meeting allowed the Governor to know the different productive rooms, the installed machines and the product lines currently traded by the company.

The visit was led by Eduardo Eurnekian who described in detail the investment destined to the project and the several microelectronic processes being developed in Unitec Blue. Moreover, Eurnekian mentioned which the future business plans are within the national and international technological areas.