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About Us

Unitec Blue is a state-of-the-art technology company located in the city of Chascomús, 120 km south to the City of Buenos Aires.

It produces and develops intelligent cards, tags and several technological solutions. The main German companies in the market provide the equipment. All its manufacturing and managing processes comply with quality and security international standards.

Among our clients are telephone companies, financial entities and public organisms. Additionally, we develop devices and applications for transportation and logistics companies, traceability of medicine and farming industries.

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Our products and services are designed for the following businesses:

  • > GSM – SIM cards
  • > Banks – EMV banking cards
  • > Laboratories – Traceability of medicine and supplies
  • > Transport and Logistics – Developing projects that adapt multiple technological solutions
  • > E-government – Citizens’ documents and applications

Annual productive data of our line of business:

SIM Cards 50 million units per year.
EMV 60 million units per year.
Contactless 30 million units per year.
Prelaminated 60 million units per year.